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Tax Services

Navigating your company’s tax compliance can be a minefield, so why not hire a professional to help you streamline the process?
Here at Karl Mcdonald & Co. limited, we provide professional tax services designed to help you keep on top of your company’s tax requirements with ease. From Income tax returns to VAT returns, PAYE returns, and Corporation Tax returns, our team provide transparent and reliable tax advice to help simplify your taxation affairs and ensure you can focus on your company’s continued growth.

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Income Tax Returns

Karl Mcdonald & Co. limited provides professional preparation of income tax returns, ensuring they are filed in a professional and timely manner. With options available for self-assessed individuals including sole traders, company directors, investment income, and foreign income earners, we work alongside you to ensure a professional and transparent service.

Corporation Tax Returns

Every limited company in Ireland is subject to corporation tax on their profits, and are legally required to submit corporation tax returns to Revenue. Karl Mcdonald & Co. limited specialise in helping our clients prepare and file their corporation tax returns each year, ensuring that your revenue documents are up to date and amenable. This service includes:

This service includes:

  • Calculation of Corporation Tax

  • Preparation of Revenues CT1 Form

  • Preliminary Tax Obligations

  • Filing your Corporation Tax returns on your behalf.

VAT Returns

Ensuring that your company’s VAT returns are done in an organised manner is a must to keep your company in a financially healthy position and running smoothly. Take the hassle out of preparing your own VAT returns and let Karl Mcdonald & Co. limited give you peace of mind and help you meet your VAT responsibilities in an efficient and timely manner, including:


  • Preparation of VAT3 Return based on your information supplied

  • Calculation of your VAT liability

  • Filing of your VAT3 Returns and payments to Revenue

  • Dealing with any queries raised by Revenue

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Dublin Tax Services

Tax Services FAQ

  • Where can I hire a tax accountant near me?

    Karl McDonald & Company Ltd is a Dublin tax accountant offering a range of tax services for sole traders, SMEs, and larger companies.

  • How much tax do companies in Ireland pay?

    This depends on the size and type of company you own. Standard corporation tax in Ireland is currently 12.5%.

  • Can you look after all my tax affairs for my company?

    Yes, absolutely. Here at Karl McDonald & Company Ltd, we provide a full range of tax services for all types of companies and can look after all areas of tax for you including documentation, calculations, filing, paperwork, submission, and more.